December 5, 2023

Tannoy Selects Rhythm Distribution as Exclusive Distributor for North America

Tannoy Selects Rhythm Distribution as Exclusive Distributor for North America

Tannoy, the illustrious audio brand revered for its heritage in delivering unparalleled sound experiences, has proudly chosen Rhythm Distribution as its exclusive distributor for hi-fi products in North America. This strategic collaboration heralds a new era for Tannoy enthusiasts as the iconic audio brand partners with Rhythm Distribution, a trailblazer in luxury and performance home audio distribution.

Rhythm Distribution, led by industry veterans Craig Hoffman and Randy Bingham, has quickly positioned itself as a driving force in the home audio sector. Following the success of its recent launch, the company's brand consultancy approach has resonated strongly with manufacturers and dealers alike. Tannoy's decision to appoint Rhythm Distribution as its exclusive hi-fi distributor underscores the alignment of values, dedication to excellence, and innovative spirit shared by both companies.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Rhythm Distribution as our exclusive partner for North America," says David McCaffrey, Brand Category Leader at Tannoy. "Tannoy's legacy of delivering uncompromised audio experiences finds a natural home with Rhythm's unique brand-centered approach, and we believe this partnership will amplify appreciation for Tannoy's distinctive products."

Craig Hoffman, Managing Director of Rhythm Distribution, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "We are honored to be representing Tannoy in North America. Tannoy's legacy in audio excellence aligns perfectly with our vision at Rhythm, and we are eager to bring these exceptional products to a broader audience. Tannoy is a synergistic addition to our growing portfolio of legendary brands."

Tannoy's loudspeakers are known for their craftsmanship and lifelike reproduction of music. The company's commitment to delivering 'the voice of the artist' is evident across its entire product lineup, which now includes the new Stirling III LZ and three models of Super Gold Monitor just launched. Tannoy products represent a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation, making them a sought-after choice for audiophiles worldwide.

The collaboration between Tannoy and Rhythm Distribution is poised to increase Tannoy's market share in North America through expanded dealer availability and communication of Tannoy's rich brand story, heritage, and continued investment in innovation, resulting in many exciting new Tannoy products ahead.

"Tannoy's unparalleled musical presentation deserves to be discovered by a new generation," emphasized Randy Bingham, Director of Sales at Rhythm Distribution. "A robust network of dealer partnerships will play a pivotal role in ensuring that music enthusiasts can fully appreciate Tannoy's exceptional music presentation."

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