November 21, 2023

Goldmund Enters New Partnership with Rhythm Distribution for North America

Goldmund Enters New Partnership with Rhythm Distribution for North America

Geneva, Switzerland - November 21, 2023 - Goldmund, a renowned manufacturer of luxury audio and home theater equipment, announces its partnership with Rhythm Distribution, as the exclusive distributor for North America. This collaboration is poised to bring Goldmund's precision-crafted audio solutions, celebrated for their fusion of luxury, lifestyle, and audiophile heritage, to a broader audience of discerning enthusiasts across the continent.

Founded in 1978, Goldmund has consistently set the industry standard for audio excellence, offering an exquisite range of high-end products designed to create immersive and authentic listening experiences. Beyond their audiophile heritage, Goldmund is renowned for its commitment to the world of luxury audio solutions, seamlessly blending high-end technology with a lifestyle approach to audio. The brand's dedication to innovation and uncompromising quality has made it a favorite among audiophiles, professionals, and luxury home entertainment enthusiasts.

Rhythm Distribution, a respected distributor in the North American market, shares Goldmund's vision for luxury and lifestyle audio solutions, with a shared commitment to excellence. This strategic partnership goes beyond delivering extraordinary sound quality; it aims to enhance the audio experience for enthusiasts who appreciate the artistic and cultural dimensions of sound.

The partnership with Rhythm Distribution means that customers across North America can anticipate an expanded range of Goldmund products. These offerings include legendary amplifiers, speakers, audio processors, and custom installation solutions, all backed by Rhythm Distribution's exceptional customer service and expertise. The collaboration intends to appeal to those who recognize the artistic value of sound and who appreciate the fusion of technology and art in audio solutions.

"We are thrilled to have Rhythm Distribution as our exclusive distributor for North America," said Yohann Segala, CEO of Goldmund. "Our products embody the union of luxury and lifestyle, where technology becomes art. We are excited to bring this vision to more homes, and together with Rhythm, we aim to redefine the cultural and artistic significance of audio in people's lives."

Craig Hoffman, Managing Director of Rhythm Distribution, shares the enthusiasm for the partnership. "Goldmund's approach to luxury and lifestyle audio solutions aligns perfectly with our values. We recognize the artistic and cultural role that audio plays in people's lives, and we are delighted to be chosen as their exclusive distributor for North America. Our network of dealers and retailers eagerly anticipates introducing Goldmund's exceptional products to enthusiasts who appreciate the art of sound."

The collaboration between Goldmund and Rhythm Distribution is set to commence in January 2024, with Goldmund's premium audio products becoming available through Rhythm Distribution's network of dealers and retailers throughout North America. This partnership aims to usher in a new era where luxury audio solutions, lifestyle, and the arts converge to redefine the audio experience for all.

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